Solar energy to power these many medical colleges in state

A contract was signed today in the presence of Medical Education Minister Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sadho and New and Renewable Energy Minister Shri Harsh Yadav for the establishment of solar plants in 8 Medical Colleges including Chhindwara, Indore, Bhopal, Vidisha, Shivpuri, Ratlam, Shahdol and Jabalpur in the state.

The Department of New and Renewable Energy has initiated the process of establishing a Rooftop Solar Plant to popularize the project through the RESCO system. In this system, solar plant is established in buildings without capital-based investment to provide cheap power.

Minister Dr. Sadho said that in view of the lack of availability of water in the rivers and the high rates of thermal power, the usefulness of solar energy has increased.

Therefore, in the medical colleges, initiatives have been taken to get solar energy at a rate of about one fourth less than the current due electricity rate. The project is being implemented in two phases. In the first phase, Sagar, Gwalior and Rewa have been selected. In the second phase, 11 medical colleges have been taken.

Dr. Sadho said that the contract has been signed to make power available at the rate of only Re 1.63 paise by Medical College Management and Tepsol Solar Power Ventures Limited of Hyderabad. In future, other institutions of the Medical Education Department will also be benefited by this.

Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Shri Harsh Yadav congratulated for completing the contractual process simultaneously for such a large number of medical colleges in a short time. Shri Yadav said that Madhya Pradesh is emerging as a model in the field of clean and green energy.

He said that in the next 25 years savings of around Rs 300 crores would be possible with the initiative to provide cheap accessible electricity to medical colleges.

Principal Secretary Renewable Energy Shri Manu Shrivastava told that with the cooperation of the World Bank and the International Solar Alliance, other states also want to follow the project implemented in Madhya Pradesh. From the very first year of the establishment of the plant, all medical colleges will be able to save up to Rs 12 crore. Plants will be maintained by the selected developers.

Principal Secretary Medical Education Shri Shiv Shekhar Shukla said that many departments are interested in establishing solar power plants. The speed of this work will be faster now.

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