Solar plant of massive size proposed in scenic locale of Ladakh, for this reason

Keen to now tap most of its renewable energy sources, India is building up to harness most of its solar energy.

In another such case, Ladakh, well known for its pristine natural beauty and colourful mountains, is now going to be world’s largest single-location solar photo-voltaic plant.

The site is said to be some 200km to the south in Kargil.

The move is also aimed at keeping glaciers cool by saving 12,750 tonne of carbon emission a year.

As per the local sources, the power from the Ladakh project will flow to Kaithal in Haryana, for which a900-km line will be laid mostly along Leh-Manali road.

The projects are expected to spur development in the remote border regions and empower the local population through skilling for jobs such as cleaning of solar panels and maintenance of transformers etc.

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