Sonam Kapoor Finally Breaks her Silence

Amidst wedding rumours, Sonam Kapoor finally breaks her silence

Sonam Kapoor breaks her silence on her wedding. Although she refused to confirm that she’s getting married but when a Dubai-based news portal named ‘The National’ quizzed her about her idea of marriage, she set the records straight once and for all.

“I think the whole idea of a marriage is more appealing to me than a wedding. I think there is too much money spent; it’s all very crass, and I would rather give that money away. I’d rather have a wedding at home than anywhere else. I think it’s important to do all the rituals, but I don’t believe in spending all that money, I find it disgusting and very wasteful, and I’m not okay with that at all.”, said Sonam without mincing words.

Now it’s not like Sonam isn’t aware of the rumours surrounding her wedding. Every next day there is a new update either on her Sangeet, Mehendi or the latest being that she’s tying the knot on May 7 or May 8.

With Sonam reacting to her idea of marriage right in the middle of these speculations only proves how she’s dropping a hint that her wedding is going to be a rather simple yet beautiful affair with just close friends and family in attendance.

But of course, the Sangeet will be the highlight like how it is with every Punjabi wedding. Our sources even confirmed how Karan Johar will be planning to up a special performance on Sonam’s hit track, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

While we continue to await Sonam’s big announcement on her wedding.

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