Sonia Gandhi rushed back to nat’l capital on health issues

Sonia Gandhi rushed back to nat’l capital on health issues

In a late Friday development, Congress president Sonia Gandhi had to be rushed back to national capital from Shimla after her condition deteriorated. She had been on a break in Shimla.

Congress chief is being kept under observation now, media was told and Himachal Pradesh, one of the few states governed by her party, will choose its next government on November 9. Mrs Gandhi has been listed by her party as one its star campaigners for the hill state. Results will be counted along with Gujarat on December 18.

Mrs Gandhi has been unwell for several years and travels to the US intermittently for treatment, though her party has refused to disclose the nature of her ailment. Her son, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, will replace her soon as top boss in the party, she told reporters just weeks ago. Though Mr Gandhi’s promotion has been urged by the Congress for several years, it is expected to materialize this year along with overdue internal elections for the party’s top decision-making body, the Congress Working Committee.

Last year, while campaigning in Varanasi ,which is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency, Mrs Gandhi fell sick and aborted a road trip. She then fractured her shoulder and was moved to hospital for several weeks in the capital.

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