Sons continue to live with deceased mother; for father’s pension !!!

deceased woman has been identified as Amaravati Devi

In a shocking incident, four men continued to preserve the body of their mother even after her death to be able to keep receiving the pension of their father.

The sons used chemicals to preserve the body of their 70-year-old mother for the past five months or so.

The incident is of Kabir Nagar area of Varanasi, as per police sources.

The deceased woman has been identified as Amaravati Devi and she had been getting Rs 13,000 as pension after her husband’s death a few years ago.

It is said that the sons did want to lose the money coming and thus resorted to this rather reprehensible idea.

Police sources were perhaps tipped off by an anonymous caller.

Pleading innocence, one of her sons Ravi Prakash told the police that her mother was in coma and they used to provide her medicines and milk daily.

Two of the sons were employed while two stayed at home.

She may have died way back in January of this year.

Police said to conceal foul odour, they applied chemicals and burnt ‘loban’ (gum benzoin) in the house.
Amaravati’s daughters-in-law also supported their husbands in the act, they claimed.

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