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Sonu Sood is real hero, who is helping to migrant workers to go back home

Actor Sonu Sood occupied the top spot on the trends list on Saturday for helping migrants travel to their respective states in the wake of the novel coronavirus lockdown. Last week, Sonu arranged buses for migrants after obtaining special permissions from the Uttar Pradesh government. He also organised multiple bus services for workers travelling to Karnataka from Maharastra.

Several people from Maharashtra as well as other states tweet to Sonu frequently asking for his help to travel home. The 46-year-old actor responds to almost every tweet and asks people for their details so that he can proceed with the permissions and paperwork required for sending them home.

“Some migrants of Bihar are there in Boisar, Palghar. Can you help them,” a tweet read on his timeline to which Sonu responded saying, “Will be done bhai. Will sleep for some time. Remind me tomorrow without fail. Have a long day tomorrow. Good night and God bless.”

This is just one example as Sonu has responded to many other people on Twitter and reassured them of his assistance.

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