Facebook guns for loyalty, ‘M’ will now translate conversations

Spanish to English and vice-versa to be the first language pair

What if two people, conversing over the social media website Facebook – one Spanish and the other one English – could easily and automatically get all the texts translated into their mother tongues?

That would definitely create a good new social story. And, Facebook messenger is shortly going to make it come true. It would be done with the help of ‘M’ – the Facebook Messenger AI tool.

The ‘M’ translations join the existing M suggestions features that already help you generate quick replies, polls and other conversation starters. So, ‘M‘ can now automatically translate messages from Spanish to English and vice versa.

This new feature from the company was announced at Facebook F8, the feature, called “M’s” translation suggestions, debuted as one of the social networking giant’s new tools for businesses and used to only work for chats between buyers and sellers in Marketplace.

It also allows people to connect in a seamless way. This effort is surely aimed more at ensuring a higher user loyalty for FB.

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