Sreesanth & Anup Jalota’s Entry back in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 12 Day 30: Sreesanth and Anup Jalota Play Mind Games.

Sreesanth & Anup Jalota’s entry back in the Bigg Boss house is getting dramatic. The reunion changed the dynamics among the contestants, leading to formations of new groups.

Anup Jalota, privy to everything that the housemates have said, taunts Jasleen for not performing and was further disappointed with Jasleen’s growing bond with Sourabh. He also humiliated Sourabh giving Jasleen a shoulder massage.

Ghoda Ghadi For Luxury Task

Bigg Boss wakes up the contestants with the .Lakdi ki Kathi . song which indicating the luxury budget task of the week. The luxury budget task is called Ghoda Gaadi where Dipika and Deepak will be the Ghoda Gaadi wale and will have carts filled with carrots and a treadmill tied to it. Other contestants will be the Ghoda (Horse) and they have to run the maximum distance to collect carrots.

On the other hand, the Ghoda Gaadi Wala’s would need to convince the ghoda’s to run for them. The Ghoda Gaadi wala with the maximum distance covered will be the winner and will be one of the contenders for captaincy. The contestants have to use their planning skills and strategy to win this task.

While the task was going smoothly, things get intense when Sreesanth stepped on the treadmill and started walking fast for Dipika. Romil was seen irritating Sreesanth who was agitated and a heated argument was what followed.

Once again, an upset Sree wanted to leave the house. Eventually, Dipika and Shivashish tried to calm him down.

A bout of emotions has taken over Urvashi who is upset with Deepak for ignoring her and feels neglected. They got into an ugly brawl where Urvashi broke down and other contestants supported her.

Having played together initially, will the broken jodi’s fight amongst themselves? What is in store when Sreesanth & Anup Jalota further reveal people’s intentions?

Bigg Boss on Colors at 9pm.

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