SS Rajamouli beforehand warned Prabhas for Saaho shortcoming

Bahubali director SS Rajamouli and Prabhas have been known to be close friends offscreen as well.

Prabhas and SS Rajamouli may be known for their work together in the film industry but the two share a strong bond off screen as well.

On the big screens, it was Rajamouli’s work on Baahubali that shot Prabhas to fame across the country. This fame has been suffering a dent after the release of Prabhas’ new film Saaho directed by Sujeeth.

The film has received negative reviews for being action frenzy while lacking a good story. Interestingly, it has come to light that Prabhas had reportedly shown the film to Rajamouli before its release to get his opinion on it.

The latter had pointed out that the film was too long and that it should be trimmed short. Unfortunately, the advice went unheard and created a rift between the two. It seems not taking up the advice has had an impact on the film itself.

A source close to the two stated, “The whole point of doing an out-and-out killer-thriller antithetical in content, tone, and mood to Baahubali was to prove that it was not only Rajamouli but also Prabhas who made Baahubali the historic hit it was. By signing a relatively new director (Sujeeth Reddy) and working shoulder to shoulder with the youngster, Prabhas hoped to recreate the Baahubali hysteria without Rajamouli thereby proving he was no flash-in-the-pan superstar. Sadly the effort not only backfired but it also alienated Rajamouli.”

What is next for Prabhas and Rajamouli’s relationship, only time will tell.

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