State begins exercise to stop expenses amid curtailment in purchase of vehicles

The exercise of check on unnecessary expenditure has begun in the state. The Finance Department has issued an order related to check on expenses on the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath.

Purchase of new vehicles in the remaining period of this financial year in the state has been totally banned. In addition to this the purchase of luxury equipments including airconditions will be banned.

In the order issued by the Finance Department, with the exception of the Revenue Department (Government Printer) printing of diary, calendar for the year 2019 has been banned for other departments, corporations, boards etc.

Simultaneously, the limit of expenditure has been set to maintain financial control over the repair, maintenance, office material and other works of the offices.

The budget allocated for these items / works of the year 2018-19 or the expenditure incurred on these items / works in 2017-18, whichever is less, has been fixed as the limit of expenditure.

This limit of expenditure has been fixed for purchase of office furniture, books, magazines and stationery, hospitality expenditure, printing and publication, consultancy services, honorarium for special services, security, cleaning, transportation system, maintenance of machines and equipment, vehicle maintenance, furniture maintenance etc.

No ban on expenses in hospitals, anganwadis, Ashram school

The state government has kept expenses that fall under the essential category free from the ban. Foreign –aided projects, central regional schemes and centrally-aided grants have been kept free from the ban.

In addition there will be no ban on the expense limit on the supply of essential medicines and other important material in hostels, ashram school, hospital, jail, veterinary and anganwadi. The state government has provided concession on the purchase of linen, gauge, bandage and other material that are used in hospitals for treatment.

The Finance Department has issued an order related to expenses in the financial year 2018-19 to the concerned departments.

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