Digvijay again unsettles his own party Congress

Statement against RSS deconstructed to mean anti-Hindu barb

Digvijay Singh, AICC general secretary and recently appointed head of Congress Coordination Committee, has fixed his own party with a self goal.

When he said that those accused in the Malegaon, Samjhauta Express and Mecca Masjid bomb blasts were influenced by Sangh ideology, RSS spreads violence, hatred and propagates terrorism, little did he realize that it could hit back upon his own party.

His statement was promptly taken as a sting for ‘Hindu Terrorism‘– a word, that was coined by former union minister P. Chidambaram. Digvijay is on a statewide Ekta Yatra which actually is an effort to revive the party at the grassroots before the assembly polls in MP.

He could not afford to be misunderstood like that at this stage with Assembly election due in five months. So, he was forced to clear the airs, ‘I have never said ‘Hindu terrorism’, I always used the term Sangh terrorism. No terror activity can be linked to religion because no religion supports terrorism.’

However, defining terror the way he did, he has brought about quite an unsettling effect on Congress in the state.

BJP Rajya Sabha member Prabhat Jha told pressmen that BJP has never taken statements issued by Digvijay Singh seriously and now his own party, too, will clamor to distance itself from whatever he says.

He said that Congress has relieved Digvijaya Singh of all responsibilities in the state to avoid internal conflicts.

His attacks on RSS and BJP carry no weight and the public knows why Digvijaya stirs up controversial remarks ahead of elections. BJP has never taken him seriously.

A Congress leader, ostensibly not on very nice terms with Digvijay, called his statement completely uncalled for. He always comes up with such statements whenever there are a hundred reasons for BJP to lose the next election.

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