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‘Sober’ driver, drunken cop in Hyderabad create a mess

Student lodged complaint against the city traffic department


In a rather bizarre turn of events, a student here lodged a complaint against the city traffic police for wrongfully declaring him under the influence of alcohol. 20-year-old Zaheeruddin contested the traffic police’s methods after he was made to undertake a breath analyzer test.

The complainant claims that he told the traffic police constable who had intercepted him that he had not consumed alcohol, asking him to conduct the breath analyzer test again.

However, as part of the standard operating procedure (SOP), the constable refused to conduct the test for the second time. I told the constable that the machine was showing the wrong result and that he should conduct the test again but he did not listen, Zaheeruddin told media people.

He then reportedly went the Sultan Bazar law and order police station where he lodged a complaint against the traffic police. In his complaint, he stated that the Drunken Driving (DD) check result was wrong and that he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the test.

After a general diary entry of the complaint was made at the Sultan Bazar police station, a constable was tasked with taking Zaheeruddin to the Osmania Hospital for a check-up.

In his report of the check-up, the medical officer on duty at the hospital confirmed that Zaheeruddin was not under the influence of alcohol. The doctor even cited the normal state of the complainant’s pupils, gait, and speech along with conscious level coherent as the reason behind his conclusion.

After he submitted a copy of the medical examination report to the Sadar Bazar police station, the officer in charge while acknowledging the same, attached it to his complaint.

However, the traffic police denied the allegations by saying that proper procedure was not followed for blood analysis of the complainant. An inspector with the Hyderabad traffic police, Shankar Raju told the national daily that the breathalyzer used to check the 20-year-old for alcohol consumption was working fine.

Based on the developments in the matter, Zaheeruddin has been directed to attend counselling at the Traffic Training Institute following which he will be produced in court for further inquiry.

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