Student terms faculty ‘anti-national’; gets expelled

A student of II nd year, she was later expelled by the college

Upset at being denied the opportunity to host a program, a girl student of the Motilal Vigyan Mahavidyalaya (MVM) in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh expressed her resentment on social media and called the faculty member ‘anti-national’.

A student of II nd year, she was later expelled by the college.

It emerged that the college authorities had denied student Asma Khan permission to host a program at the campus auditorium to commemorate the death anniversary of Indian socialist revolutionary Bhagat Singh.

The student was fuming and took to Facebook and uploaded a post where she called the teaching staff as anti-national.

The college student, who is a member of the group Bhagat Kranti Dal (BKD), was later expelled after the decision was made by the college administration.

When asked, the principal claimed that Khan had refused to apologize for her post.

She had instead brought in a lawyer and a few supporters from the BKD to exert pressure on the the college authorities, the principal said.

The principal added that the college was not against the idea of hosting an event for Bhagat Singh and added that the auditorium was occupied until March 20 for another events.

However, it turned out that the student had later deleted the controversial post.


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