Students with illegitimate demands can face action, says Kerala High Court

In an interim order, the Kerala High Court stated that police can intervene and college management can take action against students who go on strike for illegitimate demands.

The top court of state pointed out that there is need for distinction to be made between civilized and uncivilized students.

The court was hearing a petition filed by Ponnani MES College principal.

Justice Navaniti Prasad Singh and Justice Raja Vijayraghavan V, ordered the interim order and said, “Political parties cannot hold to ransom the educational institutions or the right of the civilised students to receive education.

The court relied on photographs submitted and stated that it “showed students erected a shed along the boundary of the college with a banner of a political party with loudspeakers”.


The court has criticised the role of the police and has stated that they should not have allowed such demonstrations in and around the campus.

“Police must control law and order and cannot allow such pickets to come up on public property,” said Justice Navaniti Prasad Singh.


The court came down heavily on the student body and said practices such as Satyagraha and dharnas having no place in democracy.

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