Sub-standard items for Japan bullet trains; will it impact India also ?

In a scam that took place far off in Japan, the shadow is already cast on the ‘Bullet Train’ project of India which is considered dream project of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to allegations that have surfaced the Kobe Steel Pvt Ltd is facing allegations that it has provided sub-standard items to the bullet trains of Japan.

Even as the officials of the companies operating the bullet trains in Japan have admitted to this fact they also reiterate that they don’t think this causes any safety concerns for the Bullet trains.

The news has sent in shock waves across India as it is Japan which is aiding the bullet train project of Ahmedabad-Mumbai route.

According to certain media reports, even the Kobe Steel had confessed to its errant behaviour and tendered unconditional apology on the issue.

It needs to be mentioned that the same company also provides parts for many automobile companies in Japan.

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