Subramaniam Swamy takes potshots at Rahul Gandhi

As Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's under took tour of temples across Gujarat,

As Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s under took tour of temples across Gujarat, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Thursday asked him to first prove that he is a Hindu. “He should first declare that he is a Hindu,” Swamy quipped.  Intensifying his attack on the Congress no. 2, the firebrand BJP leader further said, “I suspect he is a Christian and has a Church inside 10 Janpath.”

The remarks from Swamy were made a day after after Rahul Gandhi wrapped up his three-day visit to Gujarat during which he visited several temples across the BJP-ruled state and offered prayers there. Rahul Gandhi’s temple visit was seen as the young leader’s desperate bid to break his party’s anti-Hindu image. Rahul’s visit to various temples was aimed at countering the hardline Hindutva campaign of BJP, RSS, claimed Congress. The BJP hit back by saying that the Gandhi scion’s temple visit was just an eyewash and had nothing to do with Hindus.

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