Substantial Influence Genes Have on Academic Success

Study explains the substantial influence genes have on academic success

Genetic factors, play an important role in a child’s academic performance, states a new study we recently came across.

The study explains the substantial influence genes have on the academic success of a child right since the start of elementary school to the last day of high school.

For years, the trajectories such as occupational status, health or happiness have been linked to education, however, this study proves that genes play a major role here.

Psychology postdoctoral Margherita Malanchini, said, “Around two-thirds of individual differences in school achievement are explained by differences in children’s DNA. But less is known about how these factors contribute to an individual’s academic success over time.”

As part of the research conducted, the researchers found that genetic factors explained about 70 per cent of stability in academics starting from primary school to graduation.

“Academic achievement is driven by a range of cognitive and noncognitive traits,” Malanchini said.

“Previously, studies have linked it to personality, behavioural problems, motivation, health and many other factors that are partly heritable,” Malanchini added.

However, at times during the research grades did change, such as a drop in grades between primary and secondary school. Those changes, researchers said, can be explained largely by environmental factors.

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