Sunil Grover says he only know when he will return to T. k. S show

The Kapil Sharma Show

Sunil Grover tweeted couple of days ago had speculations about his much-awaited comeback to The Kapil Sharma Show. He called the rumors is baseless.he said that if there is any development about his return he will himself share the news with his fans.

Sunil has been associated with The Kapil Sharma Show for a very long time and he had admitted that the show and the characters that he played on stage gave him popularity.

Krishna has brought his own flavor of comedy and humor with Sapna, who runs a beauty parlor, and has now become one of the most loved characters on The Kapil Sharma Show. Despite facing several ups and downs, The Kapil Sharma Show has remained the most loved shows on television and continues to garner TRPs

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