Sunil Grover ties up with Kapil Sharma’s former girlfriend

Sunil Grover ties up with Kapil Sharma’s former girlfriend

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover seems to have reached a full circle. Grover who has been struggling to find his groove ever since he parted ways with Kapil and his show, has now teamed up with Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti.

Grover will now be doing a cricket-based show with the Simoes’ sisters’ production company.

“Kapil and Preeti parted ways professionally and personally last year. In fact, the infamous fight-in-flight between Kapil and Sunil actually started because of a fight between Kapil and Preeti.

But that’s another story altogether. Kapil had handed over the reins of his life and career to Preeti. She was running the show for him in every way possible until last year. Now Kapil has made a complete and clean break with Preeti.

Grover joining hands with the Simoes’ sister is a clear indication that the two are now moving their careers on parallel tracks. And the twain shall never meet. Amen,” says a source close to the development.

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