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Supporters of the BJP Celebrations at BJP office in Rajasthan

Jaipur: Supporters of the BJP gathered in large numbers at its state headquarters here after trends indicated a majority of the seats coming in favour of the saffron party in Rajasthan.

The Congress office, however, wore a deserted look, with senior leaders not turning up at the party office. Only a few party workers were seen anxiously waiting for the results.

At the BJP office, supporters shared sweets and shouted slogans in favour of the party.

“We have already said that the party will win majority and Narendra Modi will be the prime minister once again,” an upbeat BJP worker said.

The BJP’s lead in Rajasthan has surprised the political analysts as the trend was contrary to the common belief that mandate comes in favour of the ruling party in the state.

Meanwhile, a tremendous excitement was evident as people remained hooked to their smartphones watching polling trends as compared to the conventional television.

Be it tea stalls or coffee houses, people were seen discussing the results of the election.

“Everything is coming live on the smartphone, then who is going to watch TV, radio? Anyone can watch TV on the go,” Satish Kumar, a young man watching polling trends on his mobile phone, said.

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