Supreme Court orders only RO water for ‘Shiv Lingam Abhishekam’

Supreme Court orders only RO water for ‘Shiv Lingam Abhishekam’

With disturbing reports that Shiv Lingam is shrinking in the Mahakaal temple of Ujjain, a famous pilgrimage site fro millions of Hindus across nation and world, the apex court ordered new norms including that only RO (reverse osmosis) water will be offered to ruling deity as part of ‘abhishekam’ of the temple Lord Shiva.

According to the new norms approved by the Supreme Court, RO water will now be used for ‘jal abhishek’ of Lord Mahakal – the presiding deity of the popular Hindu temple.

Ujjaini Vidwat Parishad – a body of intellectuals – had triggered a debate over the ‘Shiv Lingam’, saying it has shrunk due to excessive “bhaang shingar” (offering of bhaang) and ‘panchamrit’ (milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee).

The members of the Ujjaini Vidwat Parishad also reportedly asked for restricting the quantity of the ‘panchamrit’ being offered to the ‘Shiv Lingam’ at the Mahakal temple in Ujjain.

In view of their concerns, the court constituted a committee of experts that visited the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain to take stock of the situation.

Although the expert committee differed with the Ujjaini Vidwat Parishad’s view, it recommended restricting certain offerings by devotees to save the sacred ‘Shiv Lingam’.

The expert committee, consisting of officials of Archaeological Survey of India and Geological Survey of India, said that bhaang offering is not the sole reason behind shrinking of the ‘Shiv Lingam’.

The committee also recommended that the offerings be restricted to only those made by the priests.

The committee also called for reducing the quantity of ‘gangajal’ and ‘panchamrit’ offered to the deity at the temple here.


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