Supreme Court to now hear woman in the ‘Love Jehad’ case of Kerala; heres more

Supreme Court to now hear woman in the ‘Love Jehad’ case of Kerala; heres more

In an interesting turn of events, 24 year old Hadiya has been summoned to Supreme Court in the famous ‘love jehad’ case of Kerala state. Even as the case has become subject of examination by an anti-terror agency NIA, apex court would now hear from her as to what she wishes and why she married a Muslim man. The case will most probably be heard on November 27.

The judges said that the girl’s testimony next month will be made in open court which also implies that public at large will be able to attend the hearing.

24-year-old Akhila Ashokan took the name Hadiya after converting to Islam, married a Muslim man she met on an Islamist matrimonial site, and was then taken to court by her father, who alleged that the marriage was a form of recruitment by ISIS that is gaining currency in Kerala.

In May, the Kerala High Court annulled Hadiya’s marriage and ordered her to return to live with her parents in the Kottayam district. Her husband, Shafin Jehan, has appealed against the annulment as well as the sanction given in August by the Supreme Court to the National Investigating Agency to determine if his marriage is part of an emerging pattern which sees vulnerable Hindu women being lured by Muslim men who are agents of terrorist groups including ISIS.

“Get me out of here. Today or tomorrow, I am going to die. I am sure about this. My father is getting angry, I can make out. He pushes me,” Hadiya said in a video released last week by an activist who met her family and her in August.

Akilha’s father, Ashokan KM, has denied his daughter’s allegations.

The activist, Rahul Easwar, says he will submit his recording to the Supreme Court. “While I am a Hindu activist, I believe Hadiya’s voice must also be heard,” sad Mr Eashwar.

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