Surajkund International Craft Mela, Visitors Being Welcomed With Unique Idea

In the ongoing Surajkund International Craft Mela-2019, the visitors are being welcomed with a unique idea called ‘Apna Ghar’ of Haryana. This ‘Apna Ghar’ houses the real traditional lifestyle of Haryana.

The architecture with arches associated with the state, the open veranda and rooms reflect the true rural persona of a Haryanvi village house.

The décor inside is typically rural with a king-sized charpoy, agricultural tools, ethnic dresses etc. Visitors throng the place with much awe and wonder. Some feel nostalgic about their roots, while for many it is a discovery of a new culture. Visitors take photographs with various artifacts and interact with the traditional craftspersons in Apna Ghar.

Dr. Maha Singh Poonia, Curator Dharohar Museum enthusiastically stated that “We have tried our level best to bring to people the true heritage and lifestyle of rural Haryana. People come here and inquisitively ask for information and take photographs of this fascinating life from the state of Haryana.

From costumes, earthenware, metal ware to agricultural tools, there is Haryana displayed in every corner of ‘Apna Ghar’. We also organized a fashion show during the Surajkund Mela which showcased the ethnic costumes of Haryana and it was extremely loved by each and everyone who witnessed it”.

Mr Muthoo Khan from Haryana is also giving a live demonstration with his traditional loom at the ‘Apna Ghar’. He stated that ‘he and his community are an expert in handlooms and specialize in making bed sheets and light quilts”.

Similarly, the theme state –Maharashtra has created a traditional Marathi house which presents the traditional style of architecture with veranda as the central figure and living areas and rooms surrounding it.

Folk artists from Maharashtra sit in the veranda and greet the audience with bhajans sung in the praise of Vithal Bhagwan. The folk artist, Mr Chitamani says he and his fellow artists have come from Sholapur, Maharashtra and use instruments like Taal, Veena and Harmonium to recite their bhajans.

It is an age-old art which we have inherited from our ancestors”.

The cultural evening brought to the visitors riveting performances from the state of Rajasthan last evening. The performances by various folk artists were mesmerizing. Traditional folk dances like Kachchi Ghodi, Chari Dance, Charkhi Dance, Kalbelia and peacock dance gave the audience a colourful and cultural experience from the land of the sands.

Folk singers won many hearts with their traditional songs like ‘Aaomare desh’ along with a Rajasthani rendition of Bollywood numbers, the power packed performance by the group was greeted with thunderous applause after every song.

Drawing Competition was also organised held today at the Natya Shala, where many school children participated with much enthusiasm and fervour. These children displayed exceptional talent in art, with lifelike portraits, sceneries and abstract art; these children were no less than seasoned artists.

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