Swaccha Bharat also being carried out in highest battlefield of India

Infamous for being the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen is also India’s toughest battlefield. But the Indian Army has resolved nonetheless to take forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda of Swachh Bharat even here. The Army carried out a cleanliness drive in its bid to ensure that even at this height, India stays clean. It is a logistics challenge to move all types of waste out of the glacier so that these do not become an environmental hazard. The Defence Ministry has stated that the Army has continued to take steps to ensure hygiene at Siachen.

In an information, the Defence Ministry also added that since the launch of the campaign in October 2014, Siachen troops have removed and sent back more than 63 tonnes of garbage to the base. Most of it includes packing material, barrels and perishables.

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