Taapsee Pannu reacts to Kangana Ranaut’s ‘B-Grade’Comment

Taapsee Pannu seems to have given her disclaimer to Kangana Ranaut’s latest remarks about her

Taapsee Pannu seems to have given her disclaimer to Kangana Ranaut’s latest remarks about her.During her interview in TV channel, Kangana called Swara Bhasker and Taapsee ‘B-grade actresses’ who have not risen up in the ranks despite being in Karan Johar’s camp.

Taapsee did not name Kangana in her tweet but talked about getting graded. “Maine suna class 12th n 10th ke result ke baad humaara result bhi aa gaya hai! Humaara grade system ab official hai ? Abhi tak toh number system pe value decide hoti thi na #MaLifeMaRulesMaSh*tMaPot, she wrote in her tweet.


Swara also replied to Kangana’s statements in a tweet and wrote, “-Needy outsider – B grade actress(But) – better looking & better actor than Alia Bhatt & Ananya!” Net net I think this was a compliment! Thanks Kangana! I think u are gorgeous, generous & a great actor ! Shine on.”

Kangana had said in her interview, “What I want to convey through this interview is for me,I have only to lose here,because I know tomorrow they will get some 20 needy outsiders like Taapsee Pannu or Swara Bhasker who will get up and say, ‘Oh! Only Kangana has problems with nepotism. We all love Karan Johar’.If you love Karan Johar,why are you both B-grade actresses?You are both better looking than Alia Bhatt and Ananya Panday. You both are better actresses.Why don’t you get work?Your whole existence is proof of nepotism.What are you telling me about how happy you are with the industry?”

Previously, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel had called Taapsee her ‘Sasti copy’.Responding to it,Taapsee said, “I did not know that she has a patent on curly hair because I was born with curly hair,and my parents are responsible for that.So, I cannot apologies for that either.Rest,I do not know what else I have copied.However,if I am a copy of a good actress like her (Kangana) and I always maintain that she is a good actress,I take it as a compliment.I am also called ‘Sasti’ (Cheap). Yes, I am not the highest-paid actress,so that way you can call me ‘Sasti’.”

On being asked about her reaction to Kangana’s sister Rangoli’s regular criticism of her, Taapsee had said, “Both of them really love me and that’s because they give me so much time and attention from their lives.I,honestly and unfortunately,don’t feel the same so I don’t give it back in terms of my time and attention to them. It doesn’t matter to me in my life and my scheme of things. I don’t want to waste my time on someone who doesn’t matter to me at all.”


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