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Tamil Nadu farmer builds temple for PM Modi

'I received Rs 2,000 scheme for farmers, gas and toilet facilities,' he said.

TIRUCHY: People’s propensity for deification is legendary in Tamil Nadu. Its latest manifestation is seen in a farmer of Tiruchy district, who is also a ‘Modi bakth’ constructing a small private temple for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pictures of the ‘Modi shrine’ went viral on Wednesday. According to information reaching Tiruchy town, Shankar, a farmer of Erakudi village near Manaparai in Tiruchy district, has built a small shrine for Modi in his farm.

The 50-year-old farmer inaugurated the temple last week at his farm and performs aarti every day.

A traditional kolam welcomes people to 8 x 8 ft tiled roof temple, built at a cost of about Rs 1.2 lakh and a smiling bust of Modi is placed at the centre.

temple and offer worship

While a traditional lamp is placed on both sides of Modi’s bespectacled bust, it also features his trademark white beard and hairstyle.

Complete with a tilak on the forehead, the bust has PM the sporting a pink kurta and a blue shawl. The statue has been adorned with garlands and flowers.

‘The work to build a temple for ayya (a Tamil word equivalent to sir in English and it refers to PM Modi here) began about eight months back. I could not complete it immediately due to constraints and the temple was inaugurated last week,’ Sankar said.

Asked what prompted him to build a , he said he had benefitted from Centre’s welfare measures and liked the Prime Minister for such initiatives.

‘I received Rs 2,000 scheme for farmers, gas and toilet facilities,’ he said.

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