Tech giant company fires father for daughter’s video; heres what happened

Tech giant company fires father for daughter’s video; heres what happened

In an unexpected turn of events, the youtube video of an unreleased iPhone X went viral leading to the company identifying the girl in the channel as daughter of one of the engineers of Apple. The company, reportedly, fired the engineer immediately.

The girl in the video has been identified as Brooke Amelia Peterson who documented her trip to Apple’s campus, where her father is an employee.

The girl recorded a hands-on session with the iPhone X inside Caffe Macs. The iPhone X footage included special employee-only QR codes.

A notes app was also shown on the iPhone X, which appeared to include codenames of unreleased Apple products,a media outlet reported on Saturday.

The report adds that filming is prohibited on the Apple Campus, and filming an iPhone X there falls under the same rules.

It also includes several minutes of hands-on time with the iPhone X as also a close-up of the device’s home screen and the cover sheet notification screen.

Peterson claimed her father has been fired as a result of her video, making the announcement in a video (seen below) published in the aftermath.

According to the report, the fired engineer had worked with Apple for roughly four years, working in RF and wireless circuit design for the iPhone.

Apple had reportedly requested Peterson to remove the video, but it was too late as the content had gone viral.

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