Technologies That can change the World

Technologies can change the World. The world is changing fast! The changes that have not taken place in 100 years have changed in the last 20 years and the changes that have not happened in the past 20 years will change more in 7-8 years. The only reason behind this is “Technology”.

The rapid change in today’s times has never happened before. In our today’s post, we are going to tell you about some of the new technologies that can change our life completely.

1. 3D printing

3D printing is one of the most spectacular new technologies of the present day. The 3D printer prints our digital design into solid real-product – just like the Shaka Laka Boom Boom Pencil!

3D Printer will bring unimaginable changes in the world in the future because it will be used in almost every field of our life.

So far 3D printing has been used to make products from cycling, airplane parts, toys, metal items, food products, human organ, houses and many other things.

2. Sub-Sonic Transportation Hyperloop

In the field of scientific traffic, a special type of technology is developing “Sub-Sonic Transportation Hyperloop”. These trains, which look like rockets, run through the vacuum system and will run three times (1224 km) faster than the bullet train.

Sudden contact with electricity, bad weather and earthquake will not affect it.

There is a possibility of running the first Subsonic Train by 2020, which will bring a major change in the transport sector.

3. Brain-Controlled Computers

The purpose of this is to make the computer and other devices work by the human brain. However, just a few works have happened on this, but in future, you will be able to work on the computer faster. Some companies have made some devices working to read the human mind.

4. Artificial Pink light farms

Due to the increasing population, the cultivable land has started decreasing. With the help of Pink Light Farms, it is possible to cultivate organic and pesticide free of home.

This technique is cultivated in the indoor environment using special types of LED Lights. Not only this, this technique also costs less water and can be done anytime in the farming year.

5. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Such robots that we have seen in films so far are now beginning to take real form. Scientists are continuously engaged in developing Artificial Intelligence in Robots. Although science is not yet close to developing human-like robots, many robots do better and quicker than humans.

In the coming time, the use of robots will be used in day-to-day activities such as cooking, cleaning dirty utensils, cleaning the house, lifting heavy items and moving from one place to another.

Just as the computer changed the way we did a few years ago, robots will also change the way we do it.

6. Driverless car

Many companies, including Google and Ford, are developing automatic cars (Auto-Driving Cars) through Artificial Intelligence. In the self-driving car the input video is given from the camera and the sensors are engaged for controlling in different parts of the car.

7. Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a technology to connect in the everyday life of things like mobile, music systems, vehicles, electronic, sensors and other smart devices, which can exchange data between each other. It is used to check the health of the patient in hospitals, keep the security of the house at home and elsewhere, save the vehicle from crash.

8. Human Spaceflight

So far, around 550 people worldwide have been able to travel in space. But Virgin Galactic Company is working on a mission to travel to space for the common people and a special type of space trip is being designed for this. The first commercial space flight will be sent in the next 4-5 years.

9. Virtual Reality

A special kind of computer-generated electronic device in which the screen and sensors fit. By wearing it on our eyes, we can enjoy real games like 3-D images and environment.

It is so real, in the future, it can also be difficult to differentiate between reality and virtual reality. In addition to games in future, it will be used in many areas like Heritage, Education, Entertainment, Business etc.

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