Teen YouTuber Prarthana Batra wrote first book

"Getting the Bread: The Gen-Z Way to Success" is a firsthand account on what it takes to make it in this competitive world.

New Delhi: Seventeen-year-old YouTuber Prarthna Batra discusses the salient tools and mantras for young individuals to achieve success in her book, which is set to release in December.

“Getting the Bread: The Gen-Z Way to Success” is a firsthand account on what it takes to make it in this competitive world.

Batra, a class 12 student from Delhi, is a content creator across various formats. She runs the YouTube channel ‘Power People and Prarthna’ and is passionate about animal rights, sustainability and more opportunities for women in India.

The book, to be published by Om Books International, is an attempt by Batra to share her journey with millennial readers and tell them how she sees the world and how to make an impact in a competitive and dynamic world with a human-centric approach.

In the book, she has a series of conversations with industry leaders across the digital internet, food, hospitality, media, and sports.

“Writing is cathartic. This being my first book, it taught me a lot and I hope I have been able to communicate my learning and experience through the exercise. It also busts the myths that young people do not write and read,” Batra says.

According to Ajay Mago, publisher at Om Books, “The trend of young people writing and reading books augurs well for our country.”

Om Books Editor in Chief Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri says it is “quite heartening to encounter a 17-year-old sharing her experiences on what makes this generation tick”.

Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, who has been interviewed in the book, says, “Prarthna started writing this book when she was 16 and within a year, she has completed it while preparing for her exams, attending classes and balancing so many things.”

Preeti Chaturvedi, CEO of The Sunflower Seeds brand consulting firm that represented Batra describes her as a “young talent who will go on to make a mark”.


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