Ten Things To Know About Your Aadhaar UID

The UID or Aadhaar card number is now a must for carrying out a number of tasks. Aadhaar card has to be linked with small savings schemes such as Kisan Vikas Patra and PPF (Public Provident Fund) as well as bank accounts.

Applying for a PAN card also requires quoting of Aadhaar. The UIDAI has in the recent past shared many tips and addressed several concerns of the public.

10 things to know about UID or Aadhaar card number:

1. One can enrol for Aadhaar at any age. Once attaining five years of age, the biometrics details – through iris and fingertips scans – of the children can be updated on Aadhaar.

2. Aadhaar, the UIDAI has said, is “equally important for the elderly”.

3. The Aadhaar enrolment system – provided by the UIDAI – also provisions for enrolment of individuals with “ill-defined fingerprints or missing biometrics”.

4. Also, persons suffering from eye ailments – cataract, retina damage or partial/complete blindness – can also enrol for Aadhaar card, the UIDAI has said.

5. “Aadhaar enrolment can be done even if someone in a family doesn’t have individual valid docs,”

6. Adhaar card or UID is available to residents only. Therefore, NRIs and OCIs are not eligible for Aadhaar card.

7. The UIDAI also enables Aadhaar card holders to download a digital copy of the biometrics-based identity card.

8. Aadhaar is to be mandatorily quoted for a number of important tasks. The UIDAI has advised Aadhaar card holders not to share their Aadhaar OTP with anyone.

9. The UIDAI has time and again vouched for the security of Aadhaar card. “Linking of your Aadhaar with your bank account is safe and secure and the government takes all possible measures to ensure it,”.

10) The UIDAI has provided several tools on its portal – – for the general public. Some of these online tools enable Aadhaar holders to update the address given on Aadhaar card, download a digital copy of Aadhaar card and verify the UID through the registered mobile number. Aadhaar holders can also lock/unlock the biometrics-related information associated with Aadhaar.

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Ten Things To Know About Your Aadhaar UID
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