Ex-Apple exec to head TESLA’s Autopilot division.

Tesla Inc said on Thursday Jim Keller, the head of its low-voltage hardware, Autopilot software and infotainment, is leaving the automaker to focus on microprocessor engineering with another company.(sources stated)

Earlier this month, Tesla withdrew as a formal party to the National Transportation Safety Board’s probe into a fatal March 23 crash in California in which the semi-autonomous “Autopilot” driving system was in use, before the board revoked its status.
Driver Walter Huang’s death in the crash and vehicle fire in a Tesla Inc Model X near Mountain View, California, prompted investigations by the NTSB and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NTSB has three pending probes into Tesla crashes.
We even came to learn that Pete Bannon, who has been with Tesla for over two years and has previously overseen Apple Inc’s A5 chip develop through to the A9 chip, will succeed Keller, a Tesla spokeswoman told Reuters in an emailed statement.


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