Vimal Chopra happy with government action against IPS officer

Thanks government and calls for harsher steps in similar situations


Independent MLA Vijay Chopra is a happy man today. He has scored a point on an erring IPS officer Uday Kiran.

A piqued MLA Chopra has thanked the government for the action it has taken against Uday Kiran in this case. However, he felt that a more stringent step should have been initiated against the officer.

It should have set an example for other IPS officers, who consider their offices holier than elected representatives of the state.

A statement, issed on Saturday here by the MLA reads, ‘Grateful to the government for this action taken against IPS officer Uday Kiran for his unsavoury behavior towards an elected representative of the people. I hereby thank the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and specially thank Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, Ajay Chandrakar, Prem Prakash Pandey, bhaiyalal Rajwade and Yuddhavir Singh Joodev for the help they extended towards me in this case. However, I feel that a harsher treatment should have been meted out to him for the way he conductd himself with an elected representative of the people.’

Notably, the government has issued an order transferring Udy Kiran to SIT in the capacity of ASP just before the monsoon session of the state Assembly ensues. The house is going to meet from July 2.

The time of action has raised suspicion that the government has taken the persecuting measure just to buy peace with the MLA, who is considered an outspoken member of the house.

However, Vimal Chopra sought to differ with this view, that’s doing rounds in the local media segments. He clarified in his statement that the matter should not be viewed from a political angle.

Someone had done wrong to the esteem of a law maker. The government found it necessary to act against such a person to put him right. While he considered the measure as not enough and pressed the government for a probe into the entire issue by a, independent Judge, he said that the step taken up by the government has partially satisfied him and he wants to put things to rest for the time being.

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