Tharoor says we shouldn’t criticise PM Modi when he is abroad


Shashi Tharoor,strong critic of the Modi government, on Sunday said the PM deserves respect when he visits foreign countries as India’s representative, but when he is in the country, people have the right to question him.

Common language for India, the Lok Sabha MP from Kerala said he was in favour of a three-language formula (promoting multilingual communicative abilities).

“The prime minister deserves respect in foreign countries as he is a representative of our nation. But when he is in India, we have the right to ask him questions,” Tharoor said.

On the common language issue in the country, he said the BJP’s ideology of promoting Hindi, Hinduism is “dangerous” for our country.We need to carry on the three-language formula.

Amid a heated debate over his remark that Hindi should be a common language, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday said he has never asked for imposition of Hindi over native languages in the country but advocated its use as the second language.

There is no difference among people living in Kerala. Then why it is happening in Maharashtra.Even Maratha warrior king Shivaji Maharaj had people from different communities under his rule. But he instructed everyone to respect each other.

The BJP’s idea of Hinduism is a “political ideology” and does not have any connection with Hinduism.

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