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The cheat code :200 kgs of ‘chits’ seized from examination centre

“We received many complaints about irregularities in the exam held at Swaminarayan Gurukul — the exam centre concerned. When we reached there on March 14 as the Class 10 exams were on, we found roads covered with small white papers — which were nothing but the copy materials dropped by the students," BS Kella, district education officer (DEO) of Junagadh, said.

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHEB) officials retrieved over 200 kilograms of material which would be used to cheat in the examinations. In fact, the officials had to “requisition 20 sacks to pack the chits, which mostly comprised of micro-sized photocopies of answers”, the paper reported.

The centre’s exam coordinator and the invigilators have been summoned by the Gujarat board following a hearing of the examination committee on Wednesday. “We summoned 15 students who were allegedly cheating and we will also summon all the supervisors and the centre coordinator on May 31,” NC Shah, vice-chairman of the board, said.

Kella also said: “Taking note of this, we had strictly warned the Class 12 science students to get rid of chits or any other copy materials before exam. We gave at least three warnings before the Chemistry exam and with every warning, some students submitted their copy materials to board officials. During the exam, we started frisking students and then also, we found around 15 students with copy chits.”

According to the paper, Swaminarayan Gurukul in Vanthali had been de-listed in 2009 after it was made a centre for the board examination in 2008. However, without any recommendation from the DEO, the institute was again made a board exam centre. Authorities believe that the irregularities are bound to surface once the CCTV footage is checked.

“We had filed copy cases against 15 students and started collecting the copy materials which were either submitted by the students or found by the board officials. We ended up collecting 200 kg of chits,” Kella told the paper.

03 Jun 2020, 9:50 AM (GMT)

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