Guess what is on Kartik Aaryan’a plate

The Gwalior boy is a vegetarian by choice


Kartik Aaryan of Sonu ke Titu ki sweety fame is a vegetarian by choice and he loves it.

Blast from the past
I am originally from Gwalior a city known for its sumptuous kachoris and poha. I remember saving up money as a child and sneaking out with my friends on binging sprees. On festivals like Holi or Diwali mom would make special delicacies like gujhiya, mathariyan, kheer, sevaiyan, gulab jamun… me and my younger sister Kritika would compete as to who would polish off the most goodies. Now it’s different. Being an actor I have to watch what I eat.

Mom is the best
It may sound like a cliché but I do believe that my mom cooks the best food in the world. I simply love her Sindhi curry and zeera rice, chhole bathure and paav bhaji. These were pretty much the dishes I grew up on. I remember polishing off the desi ghee ki panjiri (sweet dish made of wheat flour and dry fruits) made by her.

The green path

I am a vegetarian by choice. It’s the best way to live. I start my day with a glass of hot water with honey and lemon. It helps detoxify the body. Being a vegetarian, I have to opt for a high protein diet to develop muscles. So I take two scoops of protein powder before and after workout. I have cut out most carbs from my meals. Small meals every two hours helps maintain my body weight. It’s a myth that vegetarians need to take pills/steroids to build abs and muscles. I did not. There are other sources of protein. You can always have lentils, soya beans, tofu and paneer for proteins. Quinoa sugar free pancakes and quinoa salad are also good options for vegetarians. I avoid milk completely and take vitamin C supplements everyday. I have green tea thrice a day as it fuels metabolism.

Always with me
I keep peanuts and dry fruits with me all the time in case there’s an urge to munch. This keeps me from reaching out for junk.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

I have been living on my own in Mumbai ever since I was 18. I love this city and its street food. Mumbai never sleeps and you will always find some place to tuck. I like the pav-bhaaji, masala-dosa and mosambi juice at Amar Juice center in Juhu. You can find good food at Haji Ali all through the night. It’s fun to drive down there sometimes and just take in the sights and perhaps some fresh cream and fruits.

On travels

I don’t like to eat out much when I am travelling. It bothers me that they prepare meat dishes in the same kitchen. So I buy my own veggies – potatoes and bread and somehow convince the hotel staff into letting me cook my own stuff. Over the years I have learnt to make some great cold coffee. Sometimes it’s good enough to pacify your hunger pangs.

Sweet endings

I have a huge sweet tooth. If I had my way I’d be eating chocolates and mithai after every meal. But I have to control my urge. So I indulge in gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa made by mom every once in a while.

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