Heavyweights and plucky startups show off tomorrow’s devices at IFA 2018

The "Internet of Things" and Smart Homes continues to expand


The IFA technology fair sees both industry heavyweights and plucky startups show off tomorrow’s devices and gadgets. Here is a list of some of the best new consumer tech on display in Berlin.

The Samsung 85-inch 8K QLED TV With its slim borders, display sharpness and 4,000-nit brightness, Samsung’s new QLED TV positively wowed audiences. Buyers shouldn’t be put off by the fact that there isn’t much native 8K content out there to enjoy this massive. Samsung claims that the television’s upscaling technology can transform 4K images into 8K without compromising picture quality.

Polaroid OneStep+ The world’s most popular instant camera receives a digital twist in 2018 with the Polaroid OneStep+. While the camera still shoots vintage style photographs on 600 instant film, it also comes with a number of modern add-ons. Connecting the device to the Polaroid Originals app will let you shoot portraits with a blurred "bokeh" style background, while the new lens is optimized for shooting selfies.

Samsung’s The Frame Samsung’s The Frame — a television that doubles as a digital art display — has also received an upgrade this year. The Frame now comes in a rather sizeable 49 inch model. Samsung’s art catalogue has also been updated. For just €5 per month you can choose from a variety of famous artworks, turning your living room into the Louvre.

Kokoon headphones This London-based company has designed a pair of noise-cancelling headphones designed to help you sleep. While you can of course listen to music or podcasts, the Kokoon headphones also come loaded with breath exercises and relaxation instructions. The earpieces come packed with electrodes that measure your brain waves, so the device knows when you’re calm, relaxed and ready for some shut eye.

The "Internet of Things" and Smart Homes continues to expand While the "Internet of Things" is not a particularly new concept, it has been slow to take off. That could all be about to change. At IFA, several household goods manufacturers, including German conglomerate Bosch, showed off their array of new connected goods, from washing machines to ovens. Several manufacturers and upcoming start ups are all competing to make your home more intelligent.

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