The Manhunt in Indian Private Hospitals

By: Yuthara Ajith

What’s normal? Normal was the population heading out to work each day to earn a living, normal was children going to school to study, play and make friends, normal was seeing the elderly walking in the mornings and having a tea and talk session in the evenings. This is what normal was but what is it now? Normal now is staying at home and working through the screens, normal is students having to talk to their dear friends from distance and studying without practical experience, normal is for the elderly to just sit on the porch of the house and just think about all the memories. The pandemic has not just knocked us off our social lives but has also hindered our financial, mental and physical stability. The threat to our lives has forced us to stay behind the four walls of our house leaving us panicky and desolate.

As of today, India has a total of 18.4 million COVID-19 cases and a total of more than 200,000 deaths, a condition so sensitive that it has frightened people to their nerves. In a situation like this, the most crucial thing for the people to do is to stay united and face all the consequences together but eventually greed is something that takes over it all. It’s startling how even during these difficult times private hospitals are exploiting public with highly expensive healthcare which a person with an average income can’t afford. It has come to a point, where we are to believe that even health comes at a high price, it’s like selling off a living to have your health needs met.

Considering the current scenario, it’s not about the rich or the poor, it’s about the people, irrespective of their financial and social background they deserve the essential healthcare, because it is a citizen’s right. Government should lay out schemes and ideas on how the private hospitals should be open to all the people to provide them with required medical aid, not only to the ones who can afford it but also to the ones who are struggling to aid their life. This is something that doesn’t need to be pointed out but should be acted upon conventionally because having to state it out is extremely gruesome. Should a person’s life be compromised just because they didn’t come from a financially strong background? Can a person’s life be compromised because they aren’t able to pay a fortune on their bills? These private hospitals put the common people and their life in jeopardy merely to fill their own pockets. The government shouldn’t just wait for it to be normal instead they should put in extra efforts to make it stop or at least initiate actions in the areas that require immediate attention. Something to think about? No, something to act upon.

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  1. Ps. People should also get aware about insurance that government provides along with that of stakeholders.

  2. That’s very disappointing reality but for the instance we have to live with it and help others in problem.

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