The tributes paid to Mahatma Gandhiji by the members of Panika Samaj Vikas Kranti Sanghatan

- Roshan Soni

Sitapur : Today, tributes paid to Mahatma Gandhiji by the members of the Panika Samaj Vikas Kranti Sanghatana, Chhattisgarh Native resident of Sontari in Sitapur…!!!

Along with this, contemplation about the rise and development of human society and the society was instructed to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas.

While discussing the word of Panika in the society, the President Parsudas ji told that – from the Holy to the Holy, the meaning of the verse means that the meaning of Panika is pure and clean.

All human beings are Panic in which emphasis is emphasized on the organization and unity of the human community of all ethnic communities.

The members of the Panicas society resolved to maintain the unity and integrity of India and given the information on development of the society, giving priority to simplicity of higher life.

Block President Kaval Das, Manipath President Sabal Das, Pathalgaon President Kazi Das, President of Kapu, Narayan Das, PDTandia, Nilamani Mahant, Chetan Das, Block Youth President, Awdesh Das, Amit Das, Deepak Das, Vinay Mahant , Anuradha Mahant, K.D. Munikpuri, Bijan Das Sachchidanand, Jagrata Das, Husseini Das etc. speakers of Panika society expressed their views for social development.

Simultaneously Panika society, daughter of Devgarh resident of Dhanushdhari Das, When Pritidas achieved success with 90.5% marks in the Praveen list in the 10th examination, it was decided to provide the incentive to pay coaching fee of 1 year by society…!!!

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