This is what Chris Miller has to say after leaving ‘Han Solo’ spin-off

New Delhi [India] : Chris Miller has finally made some comments for the first time since he and his co-director were fired from the Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ stand-alone film.

Returning to Twitter, Miller tweeted a message that appears to be from the original ‘Star Wars’ movie ‘A New Hope’.

He tweeted, “Situation normal.”

For the unversed, “Situation Normal” is what Han Solo said after he, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca shot up the detention center on the first Death Star while rescuing Princess Leia in the original 1977 flick.
Miller and Phil Lord were fired on June 20 from the project over creative differences.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the directing team’s vision clashed with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s, as well as that of longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

Ron Howard has since stepped in to take over helming duties on the stand-alone film, which the studio maintains will be ready for its May 2018 release.

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