Pakistani lady has a strange habit of bathing,costs..

Lahore:The pictures of a Pakistani woman is becoming quite viral on social media. This woman’s name is Kamalia. Kamalia is the wife of British billionaire Mohammad Zahur. Before his marriage, his name was Natalya Shamarenkova. In the viral message on social media, it is said that Kamalia bath with the champagne worth 5000. 18-20 bottles are used at a time. Now you have to calculate how much Kamalya’s bath cost. At the same time there is a discussion on social media that 22 servents are employed day and night in the service of Kamalia.

The annual salary of these servants is 1.94 crore rupees. Talking about branded clothes of Kamelia, their fur coat is worth one crore rupees. Apart from this, she also uses expensive metals in designing her clothes. However, these hobbyists of Kamalia have not been confirmed. It is notable that Kamalia, who was born in May 1977, has been a singer and actress. She married Mohammad Zahoor in 2003 and has two children.

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