Three rurals die in IED blast; allegedly planted by naxals in Odisha

concern is also for the other states which are naxal infested

Could it be retaliation from Gadchiroli encounter in that an IED blast killed three rurals in Haldi village of Odisha state.

It is ascertained so far the three rurals came in contact with the IED planted by the red rebels and got killed in the explosion.

The concern is also for the other states which are naxal infested.

It need be mentioned that this place of IED explosion is mere 10-12 kms from Chhattisgarh border.

As per reports received so far, the rurals were riding on a tractor when they spotted a bag lying right ahead of them on road.

It is then that they decided to open and inquire into it but it exploded.

The instant explosion resulted in death of three rurals.

Local police rushed to the spot and took control of the bodies from the spot while sending them off for post mortem.

Police along with the other forces have also intensified their searches in the area besides having alerted the police stations in the vicinity.

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