Brij Bhardwaj

In the conflict between India and Pakistan on Kashmir some new rights have been established by India in case Pakistan continues to train terrorists and send them into Jammu and Kashmir to disturb peace with the help of local militants.

These rights include hitting terrorist camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir as well as deep in Pakistan by action on the ground as well as by air. This has been India’s response to Pakistan attacks on Uri and Pathankot as well as on the convoy of CRPF in Pulwama.

This has brought about escalation in the conflict between two countries which if further escalated can lead to a full fledged war between two nuclear powered countries whose consequences are beyond imagination.

The result is all world powers have started appealing to India and Pakistan to observe restraint and try to resolve the conflict. There is also the issue of Indian pilot in Pakistan custody after his plane was shot down and pilot ejected and fell into Pakistan territory.

The conflict in Kashmir is nearly as old as the time when two countries became free. They have led to three full fledged wars, some limited engagements like Kargil war and present conflict. It is also no secret that Pakistan inspired organisations become active when there is conflict on our side.

In between Kashmir holds free and fair elections with full participation and state becomes calm and peacefull for decades. In between when governance becomes weak Pakistan based groups become active again and old conflicts and slogans start being heard again in Kashmir.

It is no secret during the last two years situation in Kashmir has not been normal. With two coalition partners BJP and PDP worked at cross purposes. The situation did not change after the imposition of Governor’s rule. In between the talk about abolition of Article 370 or Article 35A created fresh doubts in the minds of Kashmiri people.

The time as come when as a first step we should try to normalise the situation between India and Pakistan. The world powers have become active and sooner than later solutions have to be found to end the conflict.

The situation having reached the boiling point both countries will have to act with caution in future. Conflicts are dangerous in nuclear powered countries and can get out of control. As soon as situation becomes normal we have to create atmosphere in which elections could be held in Kashmir along with rest of the country and
popular Government put in place.

The establishment of popular Government in Jammu and Kashmir can go a long was to bring about normalcy in Kashmir.

Let us keep in mind that with normalcy in Kashmir Gen. Parvez Musharaff started talking to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to resolve Kashmir issue. It is also no secret that in talks between Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Gen Parvez Musharaf, we had come very close to find a solution of Kashmir issue.

If one who planned Kargil action could be made to change his mind we certainly should give a chance to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

At the moment we have by and large world opinion is in favour of us and making use of the same we should come to a settlement in which Pakistan level of doing mischief should be cut down In case we fail to do so we may start looking as a party who is guilty of being unreasonable and not responsive to world opinion.
World at present looks with disfavour at any kind of terrorism activity and Pakistan is considered by many countries as center where terrorists are trained .

Many neighbours of Pakistan like Bangladesh, Afghanistan , India and Iran hold Pakistan guilty of encouraging terrorist activity. As such we should not miss the opportunity to seek permanent solution of Kashmir problem.

India is a growing power in Asia and it does not suit us to be involved in conflict with Pakistan a country described as failed country and living on charity of big powers.

Let us keep in mind that major powers like USA and China are using Pakistan strategic location for their purpose and will not support us beyond a point. It is no secret that Pakistan is no match to India in conventional warfare and we should not push them beyond a point.


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