TIPS OF PERSONAL FINANCE-one must follow in daily life.

Everyone will agree to this that whatever they earn in a month,they feel shortage of money at the end,this due to lack of budgeting.

According to Investopedia, “Personal finance defines all financial decisions and activities of an individual or household, including budgeting, insurance, mortgage planning, savings and retirement planning.”

Everything carries a cost and everyone wants the worth of it.
Here are some tips to take care of while spending-

Using the account of your employer as it reduces the tax liability.

Tracking down the income and expenses.
Not spending much on gifts.

Paying attention on interest rates.
Never buying anything on impulse.
Paying bills online to avail discount.

Comparing before buying.
Not being dependent on credit cards.
Saving a part of income for future.
Never be dependent on future income.

Make a budget before you spend.
Try to stick to your budget.
Spending less then you expected.
Paying bills on time.
Taking advantage of promotional codes and coupons.

Avoiding lottery.
Stay away from cigarettes,and other destructive items as it harms your body as well as cost you so high!
Understanding financial markets before investing in them.
Don’t overpay for insurance.

Don’t clip coupons you will never use.
Checking up of budgets regularly.
Buying used products of good condition if possible.

Being frugal in taking decisions.
Avoiding interest payment as much as possible.
Maintaining an emergency fund.

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich,it’s your spending habits.”


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