To invoke rain, frogs married off in Varanasi

ritual however made for interesting headlines

As is ritualistic in many parts of the country, frogs are married off to invoke rainy season when there is ong and dry spell.

It is in this context that a wedding ceremony of two plastic frogs took place in Varanasi.

As per the organisers, the ceremony was arranged to please Indra, the God of rain in Hinduism.

The Hindu mythology is for a much-needed respite from soaring temperatures.

The ritual however made for interesting headlines.

The locals were highly affected by the blistering heat.

It is raining everywhere but not in Varanasi.

Thus the ritual was performed.

The two plastic frogs were kept on decorated plates with garlands around the ‘newlyweds’.

Two persons dressed themselves up as the bride and bridegroom. A priest was performing a hawan (special offering) to solemnise the frogs’ marriage.

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