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Vishwaroopam 2: Five key takeaways from the Kamal Haasan-Rahul Bose starrer

The trailer of Kamal Haasan starrer Vishwaroopam 2 was released . And it looks every bit as magnificent as one would have hoped it would be. Sure, a lot of the trailer also feels like one is merely rewatching Haasan’s 2013 blockbuster Vishwaroopam, but in the sequel, the action is bigger and more dramatic.

The Hindi trailer of the film was launched by Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who also took to Twitter to congratulate Haasan on his new project. Aamir wrote, “Dear Kamal Sir, congratulations to you and to the entire team of Vishwaroop 2! Wishing you all the very best. Love and respect always. Aamir. #Vishwaroop2Trailer @ikamalhaasan.”

Here are five major takeaways from the film’s first trailer:

The superstar is back

Kamal Haasan is back to doing what he does best, making movies. Of course, he has made better films than Vishwaroopam in the past. But to see the 63-year-old kicking ass is quite exhilarating and exciting. Haasan has made all kinds of films before, from your art-house cinema to complete entertainers. By the looks of it, Vishwaroopam 2 definitely belongs to the second category. And we are not complaining.

The action

The action sequences are quite awe-inspiring. There are cars, chairs and people flying, which was to be expected. But there’s one underwater action-sequence which features Haasan delivering kicks and punches in the most satisfying fashion.

Rahul Bose reprises his role as terrorist Omar Qureshi once again. Bose looks the part intense, menacing and completely terrifying. A worthy nemesis to Haasan’s RAW agent Major Wisam Ahmad.

The visuals

Vishwaroopam 2 is grand, on the verge of being almost melodramatic, but it’s okay because it is Vishwaroopam that we are talking about. The action scenes help the cinematography quite a bit. The marriage of those high-octane sequences with Sanu Varghese and Shamdat Sainudeen’s camera work help make the trailer look that much more striking.

The story

Vishwaroopam was action-packed and had kept the audience hooked, and the trailer of the sequel promises that the screenplay of this film is going to be driven by an intelligent and well-paced script as well.

Vishwaroopam 2 will release in theatres on August 10, 2018.

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