Training while it’s raining: What to wear while it rains

The rain outside should not be an excuse to skip your daily work outs. All you need to do is put on the right gear.

Here are five top tips from Gayatri Nandra, founder and CEO of EveryWear on what workout gear works best in muggy, Monsoon weather.

1. Second Skin: Moisture-wicking fabrics like spandex, polyester and nylon are the silver lining to every Monsoon cloud, especially as we sweat more in the post-rain heat. These materials are stretchy, strong, and lightweight. These fabrics easily absorb sweat and are truly skin friendly as the materials are ‘breathable’.

2. Wash and Go: Performance fabrics are also super easy to wash and quick-drying- so no need to search for sunshine to dry your wet workout clothes. This means you’ll be fresh for each workout – not smelling like a soggy pair of mildewed jogging pants.

3. So Seamless: Seamless fabrics are essential for a better, smoother fit which avoids any kind of visible lines from under clothes. They also minimise itchiness and friction burns, which are more prevalent during sticky, damp days.

4. Headbands and Handstands: Headbands are paramount for workouts to keep the hair in place bit also to prevent further oil, grime and sweat on the face. There’s no reason why very women should not remain looking good while having a good workout.

5. Germ-Free Zone: The monsoons bring various germs and bacteria which when combined with our sweat and oil, makes our bodies more prone to rashes. That’s why it’s strongly advisable to wear moisture wicking and anti-microbial clothes while working out.

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