Trapped abroad, these Indians seek rescue from India

As many as eight sailors from India complain of shackles in the most literal of sense.

They are shackled to the sea at the Sharjah anchorage and have urged the Indian government back home to get them out of a ship which has practically been abandoned.

It is now known that there are 10 sailors onboard the ‘M V Azraqmoiah’, including one from Sudan and another from Tanzania.

Among the eight Indian sailors, Ramesh Gadela and Yalla Rao Chekka hail from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.

The other Indians have been identified as Capt Ayyapan Swaminathan, Bharath Haridass and Gurunathan Ganesan from Tamil Nadu, Alok Pal from Uttar Pradesh, Naskar Sourabh from West Bengal and Rajib Ali from Assam.

It is said that the ship was detained by the UAE coast guard on April 15, 2016 and the passports and seaman books of the sailors were confiscated.

In the recent Gaja cyclone in Tamil Nadu, Capt Swaminathan’s family suffered a huge loss as their house was destroyed.

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