Travel magazine Conduit has released list of Reader’s Choice Awards

India's best hotels 2021

Travel magazine Conduit has released the list of Reader’s Choice Awards for the year 2021. This list includes best hotels and resorts from many countries including Asia and India.

Let us know which hotels are included in the list of best hotels in India and what are their specialties.

In this list, Ramgarh Palace of Jaipur is on the tenth position with a score of 93.46. In appearance, this hotel looks like a mansion of a king-maharaja. In addition to luxury rooms, there are also royal guest houses and excellent lodges. This hotel is a perfect Wedding Destination and for Business Event It is the most royal class place. The rent for a night’s stay in its Garden View Room starts from around Rs.31,000.

The Oberoi Udaivilas of Udaipur has got the ninth place in the list. The score of this Royal Class hotel is 95.07. This hotel Pichola is built on the banks of the lake. Its 30 acres of lush green campus, luxury swimming pool, spa and beautiful lake view add to the beauty of the hotel. In the premium room of this hotel the fare for one night’s stay is around Rs.33,000.

The Taj Palace of Mumbai is on the eighth position, which has a score of 96.68. The hotel has 9 iconic restaurants and bars. Amazing view of the sea from its luxury rooms after staying in its rooms, you will get an idea of ​​its luxury class. You will have to pay a minimum of Rs.16,000 for a one night stay in the hotel.

Delhi Taj Palace is also named in this list of famous hotels. The score of Taj Palace is 98.06. Apart from super luxury dining, you will get all the Superior, deluxe and luxury rooms equipped with facilities will be available. The minimum fare to spend a night in this hotel is around Rs.16,000.

Jaisalmer Suryagarh Hotel is in sixth place, which has been given a score of 98.29 in the list. Suryagarh Hotel is very famous because of its unique building. This hotel is also famous in the country and the world in terms of destination wedding. Suryagarh, built like a fort, has welcomed many celebrities. The fare for one night’s stay in the hotel is Rs.12,500.

The Rajmahal Palace Ras of Jaipur has got the fifth place. The score of this hotel is 98.29. With its wonderful rooms, beautiful garden and royal style swimming pool make this hotel is quite famous. The rent for a day’s stay in this Royal Class hotel is around Rs.45,000.

Delhi Lodhi Hotel is at number four. Situated in a posh location, this hotel has a score of 98.32. This hotel is built near Lodhi Garden with its luxury property The hotel is famous for its luxury properties. Here you will get to see the best dining scene of the city. The starting fare for one night stay at this hotel is around Rs.15,000.

Delhi Oberoi Hotel has been ranked third in the list. The Oberoi Hotel has become the third most luxury hotel in India with a score of 98.41. In this famous hotel many special facilities are available in this renowned hotel including luxury rooms, beautiful gardens. The rent for a day’s stay in its premium room is around Rs.21,000.

In second place is The Taj Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. This hotel is on the second position with a score of 98.41. This royal hotel in Udaipur is just like a lake, It is built right in the middle of the lake ,Its Luxury and Royal bedrooms have amazing views of the lake. For a day’s stay in this hotel you will get around Rs.40,000.

The Leela Palace in New Delhi tops the list. The Leela Palace has been given a score of 98.41. The Leela Palace is famous for its Grand Deluxe and Premiere Room, The rent for a day’s stay in its Grand Deluxe Room is around Rs 11,000


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