Tri services expose Pakistan’s evil designs of targeting India’s military targets

The tri services presser that had been anticipated since earlier in the day finally came about.

The tri services basically put out basic facts in that the Pakistani F-16 fighters were used when the country imposed an attack on India.

This, the armed forces officers said, is in violation to the treaty that Pakistan has given to US in how it will use the weapons and delivery platform.

In support of its claim, the Indian Air Force put forth the remains of beyond visual range missile AMRAM that could only be delivered from a F16 US based fighter platform.

Again, the Indian Air Force also made it clear that they have achieved what they set out to achieve while carrying out air strikes across the border inside Pakistan.

It also needs to be mentioned that armed forces have yet again pointed out that Pakistan may claim to be attempting for peace but it is continuing to carry out violations of the Line of Control.

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