Tripura Guv now goes ahead and compares firecrackers with Muslim ‘Azaan’

Could it be yet another attempt to communalise the issue of firecrackers sale ban in national capital. This is because Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy has gone ahead and compared the noise created by firecrackers with azaan (the Muslim call to prayers). The BJP leader sure is in no mood to get over the issue of firecrackers.
“Every Diwali, fights start over noise pollution from crackers. Crackers that are burst only a few days in a year. But no fight about azaan over loudspeakers at 4.30 AM!” Roy tweeted.The BJP leader said there is no mention of use of loudspeakers in the Quran or ‘Haadis’. “Actually this silence of the ‘secular’ crowd over noise pollution by azaan perplexes me. Loudspeakers are not prescribed in Quran or any Haadis,” he added. Roy has been voicing his opposition to the Supreme Court ban on firecrackers. Earlier, Roy smelled a communal conspiracy that is one by one targeting all Hindu rituals.
“First Dahi Handi, now crackers. You never know, tomorrow the award wapsi brigade and those carrying out candle marches might file a litigation against the last rites ritual of Hindus, too,” he had tweeted.
Speaking to media-persons, he said that he, as a Hindu, feels unhappy with the restrictions placed on bursting of crackers. But he defended his comments, saying that he has not “crossed his constitutional limits. I am entitled to my opinion”.

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